Growing Up

Growing Up


Has anyone else who is maturing in Christ discovered that His interaction with you has sped up over the years?  I don’t mean the ‘quickening’ that most of us are sensing – although someone certainly remind me to write about that in the near future – I’m talking about when you settle yourself down and talk to your Lord and He answers … almost immediately.

Now whats funny is that just the action of writing that last sentence has brought an epiphany. It’s not that He now suddenly answers me immediately, it’s because I am maturing that I can hear His answer more quickly and more clearly than ever before.  Hmmm …

That just makes me want to talk to Him more often.  To get His feedback on everything.

As I make the effort to intentionally seek His counsel, He is readily available to provide His awesome wisdom. Sometimes in a whisper, other times in a shout, and yet other times – because He is fully aware of the complexities of this child – He answers over and over again; offering clarification and confirmation before I even ask for it … because He knows I will … and He loves me still. 

Do you have such an intimate relationship with the Lord?  You can, and you will as you grow and mature in Christ. You know, you can even ask Him to draw you closer.  Why don’t you?  He would love that!

Dear Lord, Please take my hand and lead me ever closer to you. I wish to hear you speaking to me more clearly than ever before.  I want to sit in your lap and bask in your love and compassion as you envelope me like a warm quilt on a damp, rainy night.  Thank you Lord for continuing to grow me.  Please don’t ever stop talking.  Amen.

Blessings, my friends.

~ F

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