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Bible Bite ~ Exodus 32:25


Bible Bites

Many of you know I’m reading the Bible in one year having been challenged by David Barton who spoke at our church’s Independence Day service this year.  I did the math and found that it can be done if one reads 3.26 chapters a day.  So I’m reading 5 chapters a day knowing that Psalm 119 is coming.  Who knows, I might even want to spend two days on that Psalm alone.

That being said, today I ran across a verse that God called out to me and I knew had to be passed on to you in a Bible Bite because I shuddered in my bones when I read it.

As a Christ Follower, I try to remember to put on my armor on every day.  I know we are open to attack from our enemies and I’m regularly on guard for the evil one to strike.

In this verse, Moses has just come down from Mount Sinai with the original stone tablets to find the Israelites partying around a golden calf that they’d made to worship as their God.  We’ve already become familiar with the Israelites who, since they’re just like us, tend to forget – at the drop of a hat sometimes – just what God has done for them.

Moses saw that the people were out of control, for Aaron had let them get out of control, so that they would be vulnerable to their enemies.

~ Exodus 32:25 (hcsb)

Vulnerable to their enemies.  The phrase makes me tremble.  How easily we can become vulnerable to our enemies – the ones not of flesh and blood (Eph 6:12) – and at our own hand.  Like us, I don’t think they needed anyone else (Aaron) to sanction their hedonistic desires.

God is watching out for us and we tend to forget that he is there, has been there, and will always be there.  We might not make a graven image out of gold to worship, but we find other gods to worship.  Work, fun, family … any of these and many others can claim top priority in our lives so quickly we don’t even know what’s happening until we realize that there is just no time to worship The Lord.  No time to fill our hearts with His word.  No time to pray – to seek His counsel and hear His voice.  It’s an insidious little scheme the enemy has playing out before us and at times just one misstep can sweep us into a river we have a hard time extracting ourselves from.

So, what can we do?

  1. Don’t let yourself get out of control.

Be intentional about carving out time for God – for Bible reading and prayer.  Let yourself be changed by what God is telling you.  While it is a fun goal, we don’t have to race through the God’s Word and get it done in a year.  I’m doing it now because for some time I’ve heard a call from God to do it.  I even did it in 40 days last year as part of a separate challenge, but all that accomplished was to realize how much I ached to actually get in there deep.  To get God’s word woven into my soul.  Maybe that was the point.

  1. Remember what the Lord has done.

Remind yourself, every day if you have to, just how faithful God has been.  If you can’t remember for yourself, ask a close friend to help.  I know that He hasn’t ever and will never abandon me … and that knowledge strengthens me over and over.

Prayer:  Lord, help me to never lose sight of You. In the times when I seem to be losing control Lord, please guide me swiftly back to your safe harbor. Amen.