Sticks and Stones


“You’re so stupid.”sticks and stones

“You’re such an idiot.”

Have you ever said that to yourself?  Or perhaps you try not to call yourself names and say instead, “That was a stupid thing to say” or “That was a stupid thing to do.”

Honestly, you’re still putting yourself down.

Do you think the Holy Spirit is saying that to you?

No. It’s the father of lies.  Damning you into slicing and dicing your own psyche … your soul.

Sheesh, he barely needs to work up a sweat.  We can easily do his dirty work for him.

Perhaps there are other words in your vocabulary?

Ding Bat!  Ditz!  Jerk!  Clumsy!  Dolt!  Dunce!  No good!  Worthless!  Scum!

We are not those things.  Ever.

As children of the One True King, we cannot be labeled and we shouldn’t allow it to happen.  Not at the hands of others and not at the hands of ourselves.

So how is it that we so easily come to tell ourselves these vile untruths?

Sticks and stones will break your bones but words will never hurt you.

Yeah, sure.

You may remember that familiar refrain from childhood.  My mother used it on my brother and me when we came crying to her because someone called us a name at school.  Kids are brutal.  Fat.  Dummy.  Weirdo.  Four eyes.  Stupe.  Retard.  Sissy.  Fraidy Cat.

For my mom it was a way to toughen us up against the world and to me it made perfect sense to my child mind.  Of course sticks and stones would hurt me, they were hard, solid items that could inflict real pain and cause real damage, right?  Words on the other hand …

Not hard + not solid = no pain and no injury.

But is it true?


Women sit on my counseling couch and pour out a life that has been harmed by words.

Instead of being told the truth about words, we let them fester inside us.  We wear the words like a horrific badge that we take out of our pockets and polish until it gleams and we can see ourselves in the reflection.

We own the words.

Even when they hurt us.

Jesus wants us to wear only one badge.

His love.

Jesus wants us to hear only one set of words.

That He loves us and in Him, we are made perfect.

… to the church of the firstborn, whose names are written in heaven. You have come to God, the Judge of all, to the spirits of the righteous made perfect …     Hebrews 12:23

He loves you, child.  Just as you are.

No label can define us, for we are defined by Him.  By His love.

To come to Him and not allow Him to free us from the names … the labels?

To wrap our grubby little hands around our badge so tightly it cuts into our palms, weakens Jesus in our hearts.  It tells the evil one that we cannot truly accept His grace.  That we stomp on His mercy.  That we turn our back on His love because we’d rather hold on to a word.  A label.  A badge that we or someone else has given us.

It tells the evil one that, for our soul, he has won.

Don’t let him win.

Jesus is greater than that label.

He is greater than that badge.

For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves …     ~ Colossians 1:13

Walk this week in the truth that Jesus loves you so much He aches with pain when you allow yourself to be beaten by a word.

Feel the power of His Holy Spirit manifest inside you.  HIS power.  To dismiss the lies of the devil.

What label should we wear?

Jesus’ love.

That is all.

~ Felecia

PS:  Thanks for being patient with me while I’m writing on the BIG project and thanks too for Michelle for kicking me in the pants for a post!  XO

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  1. You are beautiful from the inside out! Not everyone is going to think you’re worth talking to, worth believing in, or worth liking, but Jesus thought you were worth loving and that is all that matters.
    Never allow an earthly circumstance disable you spiritually.

    • A great answer to this post, Shelly. It’s so easy for us to get inside our own heads and take what others say as gospel, forgetting that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Thank you for posting these words.

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