Y’all remember that I belong to this awesome group of individuals making their dreams come true at #30days of Hustle?  Well today’s guest blogger does too and I asked Jill if she could share a little something with my readers because you’ve been so patient with me while writing on the manuscript.  Please enjoy!

God is NOT a dishwasher



Jill’s Diswasher

This is my dishwasher. My house was built in 2000. So it’s 14 years old respectfully.

A few weeks ago, it stopped working.

I have been hand washing dishes.


Yesterday afternoon, as I was washing dishes, something came to me.

When the dishwasher worked, I had to rinse off dishes, wash out some dishes, and even let some soak in dish liquid.

The dishwasher doesn’t scrub, ya know.

Hand washing is just that … washing.

I thought about so many people who think they have to be “cleaned up” before they give their life to God. Just like what we do before we put dishes in the dishwasher.

The truth is, God accepts us just as we are.

You do not have to “get your life right”, “be good enough”, or “straightened out” on your own.

Romans 5: 8 says, “But God demonstrates His love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

When you give your life to God, the Holy Spirit comes in and He will guide you and help you navigate through stuff.

You cuss too much? So what?

You drink? So what?

Nothing you can do will make God love you any less. Just like nothing you do will make Him love you anymore either.

God isn’t a dishwasher. He doesn’t need you rinsed off first.


Meet the Blogger:  Jill Barlow is a mom, an administrative assistant, and a writer. Divorced after a lengthy marriage, she started finding God in her every-day life.  Jill says, “God really cares and is interested in talking to us through the little things.  Showing people His love and character in a way they might not have ever experienced is my passion.”  You can find Jill at her blog Coffee with Snoopy at on Facebook at and on Twitter at

Guest Post: God is Not a Dishwasher

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