Food for the Soul, Healing for the Body, and Lunch to Boot


“He welcomed them …” how often do we need to be more welcoming in our lives.

Another Red Letter Day

I’m reading through Luke in the Passion Translation (TPT). It’s a wonderful new translation of the Bible, not yet complete, so you can only get it in bits and pieces so far. I hope the translator, Dr. Brian Simmons, is able to complete the whole Bible.

As often happens when I read a familiar passage in an unfamiliar translation different things jump out.

Today as I read the story of the feeding of the 5,000, a line in Luke 9:11 struck me.

Here it is in TPT.

But the crowds soon found out about it and took off after him. When they caught up with Jesus, he graciously welcomed them all, taught them more about the kingdom of God and healed all who were sick. – Luke 9:11 TPT.

Later in the passage we learn there were “nearly five thousand men here, with women and children besides!” (Luke 9:14…

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  1. Felecia!!! – thanks so much for sharing this. You are a blessing!

    the welcoming thing struck me too – in Matthew’s account He first sends the disciples off and then dismisses the crowd himself as well. It makes Jesus so up close and personal, and accessible.

    Thanks again.

    Still praying!

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