Divine Appointments ~ 1


It was last October when I promised that my next post would be on Divine Appointments.  I apologize for taking such a long time to get this out to you and thank you for your patience.  ~ F

In Christianese, the “divine appointment” is an occurrence where one has found oneself uniquely in a position to help someone else.  While there may be something mysterious about how the whole situation transpired, there is no doubt in one’s mind that only by the providence of God the meeting occurred and you were just used by Him … sometimes for some purpose only He could know.

It’s really quite a thrilling feeling to be used by God to help someone else.  You are at once both humbled and overjoyed.  It’s equally as thrilling to be on the receiving end of a divine appointment.  In this two-part post I find myself doubly blessed.

As I’ve matured as a Christian I’ve been blessed to be included in many divine appointments – and perhaps have matured in my faith because God used me in such a manner. When you’re involved in a divine appointment your faith (and most likely the faith of the other party) is strengthened. Over the years God has orchestrated my life in such a way as to use me to provide timely counsel, pray for someone in need, and provide someone with money, food, or other necessary items.

While I didn’t realize it at the time, early last year God was busy arranging a multi-person divine appointment.

It was any old Sunday in January 2015 while sitting in the front row of church awaiting the start of service when I saw a woman and her husband approaching my location.  I’d seen them at church before but didn’t know either of them at all.  The woman was wearing a mask across her face – not something you normally see – and I remember being surprised that she would come to church if she was so sick.  When she took the seat right next to me I couldn’t help but wonder what cold, flu, or disease she might be harboring and was more than a little concerned – I hated getting sick.  As she settled into her seat I asked, and not very politely, “Do I need to be worried?”

Her eyes crinkled up in such a way that could only mean she was smiling under that mask and after a moment she said, “No.  I’m protecting myself from you.”

Floored, I immediately assured her that I was perfectly healthy and she shook her head slowly.  “You may be, but I can’t take that chance.”  Before the service began she introduced herself as Paula and explained that she was fighting cancer. Because the treatments weakened her immune system, she needed to ensure that she kept as healthy as possible.  I kicked myself for my foot-in-mouth disease and told her I understood.  I also mentioned that I was on the Altar team and asked if I could pray with her after the service.

Praying with Paula that first day was a heady experience.  I ‘heard’ from the Holy Spirit during the prayer that God was solidly with her and told her what I’d gotten.  She said she knew that but also thanked me for giving her the confirmation.  Later that day I thanked God for bringing this gentle soul into my life and allowing me to intercess for her.  Little did I know then that our almighty Father had introduced us to help one another … a two-way divine appointment!

Within a few weeks Paula and I were becoming fast friends and I had begun to suffer some medical issues of my own.  I learned that Paula was fighting lung cancer, that her husband was a rock-solid saint, and that I was going to face my own hurdle when I received news after a mammography that there was a suspicion of breast cancer.

A couple weeks of trepidation gave way to utter relief as the biopsy ruled the cells benign and I was grateful to have Paula there to lean on.  As much as I hate to say it, having grown up with a very large chest, my breasts were a large part of my identity.  Having to let one or both go was something I didn’t want to have to contemplate.  Further, I wasn’t even married yet and I could only think of what man would want a woman with no boobs.  I’m not proud that I think so little of men or was that shallow; and I don’t say that only because I have been able to keep mine.  I’ve endured so much since that time that my perspective has completely changed and with my weight loss I’ve actually lost 2 cup sizes!  Believe me – there is no longer any false pride relating to chest size!

Please join me tomorrow for the conclusion of this divine appointment that will yet include another person.

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  1. AWESOME, Felecia! I’ve experienced quite a few divine appointments in my life, and you describe the feeling perfectly, “both humbled and overjoyed.” I love this story. Thank you so much for sharing!

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