A version of this poem originally ran May 20, 2013

St Pete Clouds branded

Thank you Lord, for this beautiful day.

Oh how I long to see you return on the clouds,

holding out your hand

beckoning me with a smile.

I turn my face upward

yearning to be with you

breathless in the waiting.

And then with a snap,

        an audible sound

my feet leave the ground.

As if the world had stopped holding me,

relinquishing me

knowing it could not contain.

Knowing that I was made to soar with You

into the heavenly spaces.

I breathe deeply filling my lungs with clean cold air

refreshed ~ renewed

ready to begin the rest of my life with you.

Filled to beyond measure

the joy the love the peace

that knowing You can only bring.

I open my eyes and

though I remain on solid ground,

I smile, the future secure.

Thank you Lord

for this respite …

for my coming Heaven.

~ Felecia Clarke, 2013-16

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  1. Breathtaking. Thank you for writing and posting this. With our moms and some of our friends near the end of this life, what a picture of hope and joy for that moment they step into eternity, not to mention the moment Jesus returns. Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

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