ScripturePicture: Ephesians 3:17



It’s so true, isn’t it?

The longer you’re in God’s Word and following Jesus, you build up trust and faith in Him and strength in His continued love and faithfulness.

When God tells you he’ll never leave you, He’s serious.  If your roots are strong, you can weather any storm or trial you might encounter.

So sink your roots down into His fertile soil and get ready to grow stronger in your faith.



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  1. Amen. What a sense of security we have when the storms blow and life throws us challenges we can’t handle alone. I thank the Lord for growing my roots deep in Him every day. How do people ever manage without knowing Him?

  2. THAT’s the question of the century, Patty! When I was undergoing chemo treatments I could definitely pick out those who had an inner joy, peace, and strength – and those who didn’t. I leaned on God so much – have no idea how they could make it day after day.

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