A Light Week

A Light Week

Hi all!

A personal note today.  Well, usually all my posts are personal, but this is to you, my faithful reader.

I know I’m a little light on content this week.  See, last weekend I started writing a piece on the enemy.  Then I received a verse from scripture which took a slightly different twist on what I was writing so I thought I’d put it aside and do a little research and a lot of praying about it.

Next, a book by Michael Youssef (senior pastor of the Church of the Apostles in Atlanta, GA and Leading the Way Ministries) fell into my lap called “Conquer” which is about the same subject.  Sometimes, only sometimes, do I get hints pretty quickly.  God was going to use anything and everything to teach me a little more about the devil.  I’ve written my fair share of posts about him because he’s real and he wants to thwart us from doing the will of God.  The next post probably won’t be different, it’ll just have more, and perhaps juicier, information in it.

So this post is to say that I’m still digesting that information and in the meantime working feverishly on my first book.  I say first because I’ve got about a zillion ideas leaking out of my fingertips but I’ve got to write this one first because I need to pour glory out to God.  It’s a Christian memoir about how I spent most of my life running away from God and His persistent pursuit.  Hind sight is more than 20/20!

Only two very long chapters to go and then a re-write (which is already in progress) and then I’ll probably ask for a few volunteers to be beta-readers … so be thinking about that if you’re so inclined!  I spent so long in either pain or apathy during my 17-month health crisis (cardiac issues, surgery, and cancer) that it seems that I’m behind the eight-ball.  But, it’s all good.  The end is in sight and it’s glorious.  That’s the name of the last chapter, by the way … Glorious!

Thanks for hanging in there during my light week!  I appreciate you all very much – far more than you’ll ever know!

Have a wonderful weekend!



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  1. Have been doing some digesting myself, lately, and I understand how God sometimes speaks from a variety of sources to make sure we get what He’s saying. Praying for you as you wind up your book. I know God will be glorified, and He’s partnering with you as you write it. He’ll help you bring it to completion.

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