Living a Life Eternal

Living a Life Eternal

In Bible Study Fellowship last year, while we were studying the book of John, a comment was made (and I’m unsure if it was made by my teaching leader in lecture or if I read it in the notes) that we, followers of Christ, were to be living the eternal life now.

Living the eternal life now?

I thought the eternal life was reserved for Heaven and beyond.

I’ve been thinking about that comment ever since. What does it mean? What would that look like? Am I the only one confused by that message?

I’m pretty sure I’m not. There’s even a popular song out now with the lyrics “I’m going Home (meaning Heaven) where the streets are golden. Home where my chains are broken.” Screech … Back up the truck. Even I know that our chains are broken the moment we accept Christ as our Lord and Savior. Is that what it means to live a life eternal here on Earth? Broken chains?

I asked some OCFG’s (my Outrageously Christ-filled Girlfriends) this question and they thought about it for a while and finally agreed upon, “Being content in everything.” Is that life eternal? Contentedness? I can see that, but surely there is more to it.

Let’s face it. It’s hard to accept that our chains are broken the minute we accept Christ. There are some sins we find we just can’t stop doing no matter how hard we try (keep trying!) and there are some sins we just enjoy holding on to (shake it off!). I say that as much for myself because I’ve been reading a book by Jerry Bridges called Respectable Sins. It’s alarming that there are so many sinful behaviors we turn a blind eye to … our own and others’.

It’s equally as hard to learn to be content in everything. Having cancer has gone a long way to honing my ability to be content. I remind myself that this would not have happened if God didn’t allow it. Knowing that He is refining me through the trial. Knowing that my strengthening and unceasing faith in Christ in spite of the cancer (and all the treatments and side effects) helps bolster the faith of others brings me so much joy and satisfaction that I might not be able to find otherwise.

Hey! This sanctification process is hard! But if it wasn’t difficult and sometimes painful and often exasperating it would be a nice wide path that everyone could walk, wouldn’t it?

I know I have some very smart cookies reading this blog so will you weigh in on this question please … what do you think it looks like to live life eternal here on Earth?

Have a beautiful week!


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  1. I think the eternal life now is having the mindset of focusing on things with eternal significance. That view does make life look and feel a whole lot different. Great post.

    • Thank you for your comment dear OCFG! Yes. That is definitely part of it. Keeping an eternal perspective.

      Additionally, I just read this from Ted Dekker as he was promoting new (?) material, “Jesus said His followers would be known for an extravagant love and that we would have a staggering power, casting out ALL FEAR, in this life.” I wonder if that’s what it means to live life eternal? Is the “staggering” power the Holy Spirit? This remains quite the conundrum.

  2. Perhaps it’s living in awareness of God’s presence in every aspect of life, and in wonder at how much greater He is than we can begin to imagine. I feel most alive during those moments of awe, where I’m fully in the present and God overwhelms me with love. I want more of those times, and maybe they are a taste of living the eternal life right where we are.

    Another way to look at it is being aware that time has no end, and that death is a doorway rather than an ending. In that sense, eternity for us begins with awareness and will never end because we will become more and more aware as we grow toward and into the presence of God.

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