Return to the Blogisphere

Return to the Blogisphere

Oh My! We haven’t seen each other in so long! I hope you’re well!

It’s all my fault, of course. I know you’ve been waiting patiently while I’ve been fiddling around with the book so let me bring you up to speed. It’s written. It went to beta readers and then it went to editing. Unfortunately, my editor was not the best I could have had and when he returned my manuscript, I was dismayed at the lack of editing he performed. I thought I’d get a good job done cheap. Ah well, live and learn.

The good news is that I’ve contracted with the editor I’ve always wanted to edit my work – Susan Hughes at I found Susan years ago while researching editors and was impressed by the number of books she’d edited that had won awards. Obviously, the author has a great deal to do with that – but the editor does too. I can’t tell you how disappointing it is to read a poorly edited book and I want my first book to hit the streets shining in its Sunday best.

Susan also edited a friend of mine’s book, Ben Nelson’s Encounters with Jesus and he was delighted with her work. So I sent off a few pages to receive a sample edit and I was bowled over with what she returned to me. I’ll even go so far as to say thrilled! Not only did she “get” me right away, she made thoughtful comments and even corrected what the other editor had changed.

So, I’m happy now. Susan is so busy she can’t start on my book until September but I’m content with the delay. Now I know I will release to the world the very best manuscript I can.

This fall I’ll introduce my new website where you’ll be able to sign up for my newsletter and receive a sample of the book for free. It’s a Christian memoir about how, even though I ran away from Him, God pursued me throughout my life and turned all my blunders into good. I think (hope!) you’ll like it. At the very least, it’ll be edited beautifully!

Now, I won’t leave you alone for long. In Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) this past year we studied Romans which got me thinking a lot about sin … and you know how I love thinking about sin! So get ready for the Sin Chronicles. I hope you’ll be able to take a look at your own sins as you read about me challenging mine.

See you soon and thanks for hanging in!


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  1. YAY – you will be amazed by Susan’s work, I promise. Worth every cent. Thank you for the shout out. Susan does have a pretty hefty lead time, but she’s super good about keeping her promises and hitting any deadline she commits to.

    It’s fun working with a Christian editor too, though I can’t say I’ve ever worked with any other kind.

    I’m super excited to see and read your book.

    Sin Chronicles eh? I’ll buckle up.

    All the Blessings,


  2. Susan has great material to work with. When your book is released, in God’s time, it will be well-received. Happy to see you back here, and looking forward to reading your Sin Chronicles. I’m re-reading the book of Romans now. I can so relate to Paul!

    • You’re so gracious as always, Patty. Thank you.Paul gets a little crazy in the first few chapters of Romans, doesn’t he. You want to say, “Geez Paul, I get it!” 🙂

  3. Happy to see your book is progressing and getting the attention it deserves. The Sin Chronicles – now, that sounds intriguing. I’m looking forward to joining you on that journey!

    • Yay! A fellow purveyor of good Christian living.The whole issue with sin is – why do I still do it? I don’t think I find an answer! Thanks for stopping by, Jan.

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