GossipGossip is defined as:

  1. idle talk or rumor, especially about the personal or private affairs of others
  2. light, familiar talk, or writing.1

If you’re maturing in Christ it’s very possible that you no longer gossip. We probably all did it pre-Christ.

There’s something very naughty and dangerous about gossip, passing secrets about another person. It’s a little thrilling. But now it’s easy to see the destructive nature of gossip and I’ve worked very hard to not let gossip pass my lips.

A while ago I was sitting around a dinner table with 9 other people when the ladies on either side of me started to gossip over me. I listened until my stomach turned over and then spoke up. I whispered to the one on my right, believing that I had a modicum of influence over her and said, “I don’t think you should be gossiping.” She reared back as if I’d struck her and retorted, “It’s not gossip if it’s true.”


But it was gossip and as the ladies continued talking about another woman who was not at the table, I shut down my ears and started praying that God would stop them.

Unfortunately, I didn’t do so well the other day when I found myself around some people who were gossiping and I did nothing. I didn’t mention that they were gossiping. I didn’t try to stop them from gossiping. I didn’t get up and walk away. I simply sat there and listened.

Do we participate in gossip by NOT saying something or taking some other action? Methinks, yes. I certainly didn’t feel very good about the whole situation afterward. The Holy Spirit was convicting me.

Silence is acquiescence. Silence in the face of sin is approval of that sin.


Lord, please keep a guard on my mouth and do not let me make idle talk about another person. Please step in when I’m caught between gossips. Help me to say and do the right thing. Amen.

On Friday … One of my worst sins … and I bet yours too!

See you then!



1 http://www.dictionary.com/browse/gossip?s=t

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  1. Guilty as charged. I know – there are those who think of gossip as a woman’s sin, but oh my we men can sling it. Thanks, Felecia, and Holy Spirit, for a cup of morning conviction!.


    • Thanks, Ben, for adding to the conversation. It is difficult to think of men gossiping but we’re all human, so why not?! I just pray the Holy Spirit will feed me the right words to say the next time I’m in such a situation!
      Be blessed,

  2. I used to be terrible (or really accomplished) at gossip until God and I wrestled that sin to the ground. Now, if someone begins to gossip to me, I stop them and ask if the person they are talking about has giving them permission to share what they’re about to tell me. If I am in a crowd, I intentionally say positive things about the person being talked about. I talk about their good points and say how much I like them. Both tactics usually shut down the gossip, pronto!

  3. I like Jan’s method of stopping gossip. I’ll try to remember it the next time I’m caught in the crossfire. Another aspect of this I have to be more careful of is passing along information on Facebook, especially about politics or the differences in values. I need to ask the Lord to guide me more in that area, which might also fit under the gossip umbrella. Is it okay if it will make a difference, if people need to be aware of it, or if we can do something about it? Being human is so limiting.

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