Breaking the Law #2


This may be the sin I’m most ashamed to admit.Litter

I was at the gas station the other day and as I was getting in my car to leave, I tossed a crumpled receipt into the garbage can. At just the right second, a gust of wind caught hold of the paper and propelled it onto the ground. I looked at it sitting there on the pavement, closed my door and drove away.


I have not littered since I stopped smoking many years ago. I was one who threw my butts out the window – disgusting, I know.

Driving home I shook my head in dismay. Why didn’t I just pick up the receipt and return it to the trash? Laziness. Slovenliness. As I write this today, I still can’t believe that I littered. It’s such a vile thing.


Lord, forgive me for my laziness. Help me to be more conscientious about my actions and to continue to obey the laws of the land. In doing so, I obey and honor you. Amen.

Let’s finish this up on Friday! I’m dying to drink in the Lord’s forgiveness.

See you then!




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  1. So sad that there are those of us who torture ourselves for such things while there is such evil in the world. I write this on the day of the Pittsburgh shootings, thanking God for the safety of my daughter and my many loved ones, my heart breaking for those who’ve lost. Today, an Insta friend condemned himself for expressing kindness and friendship simply because he felt that the feelings of joy he felt for such actions could be construed as selfishness, i.e. I’m only kind because it makes me feel good. I responded that I felt similarly when performing any charitable acts. I say in light of all evil, we should let our very small indiscretions go and stay the course we travel.

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