Hello!  I’m Felecia and I’m so glad you stopped by!Hot Mess PS

God does dramatic things in my life to get my attention and in 2008 I lost my job – which had become my god – and the LORD refocused my attention, time, heart, and soul back on Him and Him alone.  What a glorious journey it’s been!  I believe you never quite get a glimpse of who God is until you are forced to fully lean on Him.  Not just offer platitudes saying, “I’m leaning on God to get me through this or that situation;” but to actually do it.  To give your future to God – fully trust Him to lead you – and don’t look back.  Oh, I still struggle with the waiting and with wanting to take over but not for long.  He always draws me gently back into line … behind Him.  He’s growing me, strengthening me, and must have some pretty awesome plans for me.  Recognizing the grace He pours into my life on a daily basis has been utterly overwhelming and makes me truly thankful that He is my Lord.

I enjoy writing about God’s work in my life and producing Christian inspiration through my photography and the Lord’s word which I turn into “ScripturePictures”.  I love playing tennis, noodling about in the kitchen, golf and bike riding (although not at the same time … but wouldn’t that be an awesome sport? Oh yeah, it’s called polo.), and have a voracious appetite for books of all genres.

I just may be the hardest working unemployed person you know as I’m involved in several ministries at my church (Lay Counseling, Prayer Team, Altar Team, Women’s Ministry, and several Discipleship ministries), and run two (or three depending on the day) service-related home-based companies, all while aspiring to be a published author.

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  1. Nothing. I am very much enjoying the one pictured. It was a gift from a dear friend at Christmas. If you’d read the article you would have seen that these three devotionals are some of my favorites.

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