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Autumn Haiku #2




Green leaf browns and curls

surely summer is now gone

dry wind rustles trees.


I’ve been busy putting together a series of posts on discernment because I’ve been made very aware lately of Satan’s full-on assault and how he’s attempting to sway Christians without their knowing.  It’s my desire to keep the Body of Christ intact.

In the meantime … thanks for allowing me to sneak a haiku in now and again.


Eternal One




I love finding old poetry in my files.  This piece was written five years ago.

Course, I don’t know if you’d call this a poem or just a bit of prose.  Whatever the case, I leave it in your hands today.

Be well my friends and know that He is yours and you are His.






Bones of My Soul


Every once in a while I like to try my hand at poetry …

Bones of My Soul BS

Let your past memories slip unnoticed through your soul.  Don’t allow them to anchor, to irritate, or to kidnap your thoughts.  God uses your past but forgets it as soon as it’s over.  It’s an example we should follow … to treat our history in the same manner.  Valuable because it made you what you are today, but already forgotten because you are so much more.

So. Much. More.



A version of this poem originally ran May 20, 2013

St Pete Clouds branded

Thank you Lord, for this beautiful day.

Oh how I long to see you return on the clouds,

holding out your hand

beckoning me with a smile.

I turn my face upward

yearning to be with you

breathless in the waiting.

And then with a snap,

        an audible sound

my feet leave the ground.

As if the world had stopped holding me,

relinquishing me

knowing it could not contain.

Knowing that I was made to soar with You

into the heavenly spaces.

I breathe deeply filling my lungs with clean cold air

refreshed ~ renewed

ready to begin the rest of my life with you.

Filled to beyond measure

the joy the love the peace

that knowing You can only bring.

I open my eyes and

though I remain on solid ground,

I smile, the future secure.

Thank you Lord

for this respite …

for my coming Heaven.

~ Felecia Clarke, 2013-16