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How Old Were You?


Yesterday I spoke about hearing God at a fairly young age.  You can read that post here.

When I was writing this particular chapter in the book I asked a group of ladies surrounding my table in women’s ministry what age they believe they were when they first heard or felt God and was amazed at the answers and stories that were told.

Last night I was wondering why I didn’t poll my tribe at the end of that post, so I am now and there is a good chance that this information may end up in the book!

So, if you’d be so very kind, please take one or two seconds and tell me …

How old were you when you first heard or felt God?

Please note:  this in NOT when you surrendered to Christ, but when you remember truly hearing Him or feeling Him.  Many of us take years to fully open the door, sometimes preferring to peek at God for a while through the keyhole.

PS: I’ve left the comments open in case you wish to expound.  If I use your comment in the book in some way I will only use the first initial of your first name (so leave only that, if you wish) or you can always call yourself anonymous!