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Where are You, God?



There are times in everyone’s life when we may feel like we’re in a desert … all alone … thirsting for water … scorched from the sun … crying out to God and hearing nothing.

God!  I need you!

Silence.  Not even crickets break through the quiet.

And we feel even more alone.

Sometimes it’s our own sin that keeps us behind a barricade, hidden away in our iniquities from the Lord.

But sometimes I think we’re just too inside ourselves to hear God or feel Him beside us holding our hand.  The pain we’re feeling might seem unbearable and we need His comfort.

That’s when I remember that if I feel like God is not around, it isn’t Him who has moved.  It’s me.

I’m the one who has wandered away looking for release from the pain … from the hurt … from whatever it is that confuses me.

But God hasn’t moved away from me.  In fact He is following, waiting for me to turn around.

Turn around.


God is right there waiting for you.