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Autumn Haiku #2




Green leaf browns and curls

surely summer is now gone

dry wind rustles trees.


I’ve been busy putting together a series of posts on discernment because I’ve been made very aware lately of Satan’s full-on assault and how he’s attempting to sway Christians without their knowing.  It’s my desire to keep the Body of Christ intact.

In the meantime … thanks for allowing me to sneak a haiku in now and again.


A Short Sojourn with Chihuly


Still Under Construction


Here I am on WordPress now … dang GoDaddy!  Three years of blissful living there and then smacked upside da head – they’re no longer supporting the product I blogged with.  I’m not that mad. It might have just been God saying, “Write on the book, forget about the blog.”  But I can’t, other bloggers understand. Even though I’ve been severely lax in my weekly posts because I’m writing a memoir about God’s steadfastness and because I’ve been building the photography site.

And now to my readership … I hope I can find you again … or that you can find me.

I don’t think this blog will truly be up and runing for a couple of weeks.  I need to learn the WordPress thang and FBDOphotography went live on July 1st.  There are issues there too so that’s another priority right now.  Hustling on it all!

This is a construction zone, so put on your hardhat please and thank you for your understanding while the dust settles.